These articles are intended to be my interpretation of coaching applications as they pertain to my own life. As you read through these articles, I highly encourage you to have a journal ready. Write down your thoughts as you read through these. Some even have journal prompts, which are meant to provoke new insights!

  • Coaching from the Road

    I have consistently been interested in lifestyles that are contradictory to the typical expectations created by society. I’ve always been somewhat transient, and have moved jobs and locations every 1-2 years. I think earlier in my life, this transience was appealing to avoid dealing with my own inner turmoil. It provided the ability to run…

  • Why Life Coaching?

    It may be cliche, but coaching found me.  I’ve always pursued a career that ultimately was helping folks directly in some way. However, I kept being met with frustration of the corporate agenda or extreme burnout. While expressing this to my therapist, she recommended I look into becoming a coach.  As someone who can be…

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