Why Life Coaching?

It may be cliche, but coaching found me. 

I’ve always pursued a career that ultimately was helping folks directly in some way. However, I kept being met with frustration of the corporate agenda or extreme burnout. While expressing this to my therapist, she recommended I look into becoming a coach. 

As someone who can be fairly impulsive, I looked briefly until I found a coaching training program that was accredited and had been established for a while. I signed up to join the program the same week. 

Coaching is interesting because its whole premise is that every individual has what they need to make the changes that they want and deserve (also called Hope Theory). Coaching provides a safe place for clients to explore that. 

This was incredibly appealing for me, as someone who has actively pursued a path that negates societal norms. I’ve consistently said ‘no’ to the checklist our culture tells us we need to follow. 

  • I have had a therapist for years (which I recognize is a privilege)
  • I am childless by choice
  • I am queer
  • I live in a van and am nomadic (also by choice)
  • I spend my money going to music festivals and traveling the world 

I want to create a safe space for folks to explore what from society’s checklist doesn’t fit them as well. Maybe you don’t want a house – that’s okay! Maybe you can’t afford a house – that’s also okay! Maybe you don’t want to work your way up the corporate ladder, or have kids, or move your body by going to a gym every day. All of these things are okay, and there are other options.

I’m learning life is about staying curious about who we are. Embracing the fun in exploring ourselves and allowing the freedom to do so with an open and loving mind. 

Let’s create an experiment with life and play while we find out who we are. I would love to help you do that, or connect you with someone in my network that may be a better fit. Either way, you deserve a safe and caring space to question the standard lifestyle and figure out what might work better for you. 

Here’s to living outside society’s expectations. Here’s to living authentically. 

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