About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Brie!

I grew up in a fairly unhealthy household, both physically and emotionally. I had a gut feeling from a very young age that I didn’t belong. This misunderstanding of myself and confusion of how to get to a place of understanding resulted in struggles with an eating disorder and alcoholism.

I’ve spent my adult life exploring what I like and dislike through trial and error. The common thread through everything has been travel and helping people. Now, I live in a van with my cat and am dedicating my life to helping people find themselves. I’ve spent several years healing and learning how to live my truth. You deserve that, too!

Why the moon? Ever since I was in single digits, I remember looking to the moon for solace. In moments where I felt so misunderstood, I would look out of the window and be comforted by the bright light in the night sky. This has stuck with me into adulthood. When I’m having a rough time, I’ll go outside when the sun goes down and look up. I have the moon on my arm now, too, so it’s always with me. This was enough to name my practice after, but I think the general symbolism of constant change, enlightenment, and insight establishes how the moon reflects in us all.

I found coaching after leaving another job where I felt like I was working nonstop and getting nowhere. I wanted so badly to help people, but doing so in a corporate setting wasn’t working for me. I believe to my core that everyone deserves to dream like they did as a child. Everyone should be able to explore who they are and really understand what they want and need from life.

I’m so excited you’ve gotten this far, it’s something to be proud of.