My coaching is for the people who feel like society was not built for them, who need to break free of the world’s expectations of them, and who need a safe space to explore who they are and find where they fit in.

No matter what facet of your life may need a change, I will hold the space for you to discover what you want and need. I truly believe every person deserves to heal and feel secure in who they are. I truly believe every person deserves to pursue their dreams to create an ideal life. As your coach, I can help create attainable goals to get there.

Why Brie?

I’ve always felt a little misunderstood in the world. I’ve always struggled between pursuing the life I want and pursuing the life that society has paved. It’s difficult to navigate these exploratory periods, especially doing so alone. While it might be scary to take that step and reach out for help, it’s also an indicator that you’re committing to yourself. Getting a coach is a big step, and it’s one to be proud of!

Where do I start?

I offer a FREE info session – no strings attached! The first session is also discounted so that you have multiple chances to make an informed decision. I want you to make sure it’s a right fit before purchasing a full coaching package. Let’s just start by talking about what coaching offers!