Coaching from the Road

I have consistently been interested in lifestyles that are contradictory to the typical expectations created by society. I’ve always been somewhat transient, and have moved jobs and locations every 1-2 years. I think earlier in my life, this transience was appealing to avoid dealing with my own inner turmoil. It provided the ability to run away from my problems, masked by unhappiness with my surroundings. 

Tiny living and van-life videos provided an escape early in my career. My job left me with a significant amount of downtime while still having a required presence at my desk. I was totally encapsulated with this alternative lifestyle – by being nomadic, and freedom from materialism and capitalism. 

I continued pursuing other goals: new jobs, traveling the world, living abroad, getting a cat (Ivy is now a professional van kitty!). Then COVID hit, and social unrest peaked. The distant dream of nomadic life seemed more appealing than ever. My job after COVID burnt me out more than I’ve ever experienced before. 10+ hour days, early starts, late nights, and 2 hours commuting each day. My body was begging for a change; my mind needed a reset. 

I spent hours searching van-life websites for rigs for sale until I found one that was affordable and fit every need I had. A last-minute flight to Chicago resulted in me owning my tiny home on wheels. I got a remote job so that I could sustain my lifestyle.

Now I can be transient with intention. I can socialize with the beautiful souls I am meeting along my path when I feel called to my community. I can isolate when I need to turn my energy inward and focus more on my own growth. I can confidently say I’m not running anymore, but practicing mindfulness. 

But wait, where does coaching fit into this? 

I mentioned the unrest with my jobs and locations. A huge part of that was capitalism and the expectation to perform. I felt the expectation to put my work before my existence. I had confided in my therapist about these things. I was fed up with being required to go into an office and sit at a desk for a majority of my day. The only thing I wanted to do for work was to help people. All of my jobs had that as the common thread. However, when working in companies where you are just a cog in the corporate machine, you don’t get to see that impact often. If ever. My therapist suggested I look into becoming a life coach. 

So here I am. Trained as a life coach. Doing van life. And these things work so perfectly together. I get to help other folks figure out how to align their lives with their values. I can provide a space for people to deconstruct the societal expectations we are given and rebuild with goals and lifestyles that actually fulfill their soul’s desires. I believe I can only really do this effectively because I have done it, and now I live it. 

I’m so excited to provide a safe space for you to explore who you are and take action to become that person. Please feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about my coaching and the space I can provide for you! I’d love to set up a free info session to chat. You deserve fulfillment! 

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