These articles are intended to be my interpretation of coaching applications as they pertain to my own life. As you read through these articles, I highly encourage you to have a journal ready. Write down your thoughts as you read through these. Some even have journal prompts, which are meant to provoke new insights!

  • Changing Habits

    When I moved into my van and started working remotely, every habit that I had created for myself was completely dismantled. I used to go to the gym before heading into work. My job used to be physically exhausting, providing more mental and physical work for myself. I would do yoga every day after work.…

  • Begin with Self-Awareness

    The first step to growth is self-awareness. In order to change habits, perspectives, responses, you have to recognize them.  For example, a learned behavior from my childhood was letting overwhelming situations result in an explosion of emotion. Sometimes that emotion would be directed at folks that were with me at the time. I recognized this…

  • Setting Realistic Goals

    I feel like we’re used to dreaming of these big, far away, hard to imagine goals. “What’s your 5 year plan? Your 10 year plan? What are you doing to get there?”  I don’t know about you, but 5-10 years from now I have no idea what I’ll want or who I will be. Visualizing…

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